Bibliotekene til «the rich and famous»

Hva er det perfekte biblioteket? Hvor er det perfekte sted å lese?  For meg er det å lese under et tre en varm sommerdag hvilende mot trestammen ganske optimalt.  Eller å sitte på en brygge ved havet.

Hva er ditt drømme-bibliotek? Tenkte jeg skulle dele litt biblioteksporno med dere for å lyse opp den gråe høstdagen. Disse bibliotekene både inspirerte og forbauset meg.  Hvem visste at Rod Stewart kunne lese? (Tuller bare,  leser utdrag fra hans hysterisk morsomme selvbiografi i engelske aviser om dagen).

Denne samlingen er satt sammen av Accredited Online Colleges.  Jeg må innrømme at jeg falt for Nigella Lawsons bibliotek.  Kaotisk, overfylt og magisk! Slik skal et bibliotek være.

  1. Karl Lagerfeld

    This king of fashion boasts one of the most impressive home libraries we’ve ever seen. Reaching from floor to the very high ceilings in his Paris apartment, Lagerfeld’s collection comprises over 60,000 volumes, making it one of the largest private libraries in the world. Unsurprisingly, many of the works are about fashion, and steel shelves are a must to hold the heavy, picture-laden volumes prized by the Chanel designer.

  2. Oprah Winfrey

    Known for her book club, it’s natural that this bibliophiliac TV maven would have a library in her home. While probably only one of many of Oprah’s libraries, this one located in her California home boasts reads about everything from Greek history to modern fashion as well as a serious art collection.

  3. Diane Keaton

    This inspirational space is located in Keaton’s Beverly Hills home, a sprawling Spanish Colonial-style house that she remodeled in 2007. One room that got some serious attention was the library, with floor-to-ceiling shelves accenting the steeply vaulted ceiling, a beautiful tiled floor and some enviable ladders.

  4. Keith Richards

    We might not always think of rock stars at the bookish sort, but Keith Richards does enjoy a good read when he’s at home in this cozy, octagonal space. He even confessed in his recent autobiography that he’s always had a secret longing to be a librarian, getting some practical training managing the thousands of books in his home collection — even going so far as to learn the Dewey Decimal System!

  5. Woody Allen

    Tasteful and cozy, this library in Woody Allen’s Manhattan home makes you just want to curl up with a good book and stay there — though the iconic director might have a thing or two to say about that. Take a peak outside the window and you’ll see the street where Allen shot scenes for Annie Hallover three decades ago.

  6. Ralph Lauren

    Known as much for his brand of interior items as his iconic fashions, it should come as no surprise that this designer has an amazing home library. Part library, part study and part office, this space could scarcely be more inviting. Well-worn chairs and rugs give it a homey feel, while leather-bound books and priceless artwork help class up the space.

  7. Agatha Christie

    Mystery writer Agatha Christie had an amazing Georgian villa in Devon, England (which you can still tour today) in which she and her family spent their summers. The library not only features a great collection of books and a cozy place to read, but also a large frieze painted by the American soldiers who used the home for quarters during WWII.

  8. Sting

    Dark wood bookcases, detailed paneling, ornate ceilings, and busts give this library a neo-classical vibe that’s both inviting and somehow appropriate for a bookish space. Better yet, it spans two beautiful floors, with a curving staircase connecting them.

  9. Nigella Lawson

    Cookbook author and TV-savvy foodie celebrity (in England, at least) Nigella Lawson has a pretty enviable space to store her books. While not as neat and orderly as some of the other libraries on this list, it is charming in its own way, with reads placed on just about every available surface. A real book lover’s library if there ever was one.

  10. Tory Burch

    You’d expect this chic fashion designer to have an equally chic home and, well, she does. The library in her large NYC apartment is filled with orange lacquered shelves, loads of books and a decidedly formal setting for reading a volume or two or paging through the latest fashion publications.

  11. Michael Jackson

    An avowed bibliophile, Michael Jackson collected over 10,000 (or possibly more) books during his lifetime, a portion of which were on display in the den of his Neverland Ranch home and around the rest of the estate. This dark-paneled room, with its large fireplace, seems like a superb place to curl up on a rainy day and start tackling the stacks.

  12. Jimmy Stewart

    This well-known and award-winning actor wasn’t just the star of the silver screen, he also had a notable military career and was an avid reader. His library reflects many of the interests and accomplishments of his life, with a Presidential Medal of Freedom displayed proudly on the coffee table as well as a book of poems he published in 1989.

  13. Mark Twain

    A prolific writer, Twain was also a voracious reader, something his architecturally amazing Victorian-Gothic mansion reflects. In the living room and library (designed by Tiffany, no less), visitors will find hand-stenciled paneling, imported fireplaces, and impressive pieces of carved wood decoration. There are also loads of books. Tired of the library setting? Simply step out the door and into the lovely conservatory attached to the room.

  14. Julianne Moore

    While both an office and a library, this celebrity room was actually designed by Moore herself, a claim that few others on this list can make. Modern furniture and sleek decor help make this space an amazing place to read a book, write a letter, or just relax.

  15. Jane Fonda

    With Jackson Pollack on the walls and bookshelves that stretch to the ceiling (and an awesome ladder to get those hard-to-reach volumes), Fonda’s library living space should have any book lover drooling with envy. Clean and modern without being cold, it’s a far cry from her big-hair-and-leg-warmers days.

  16. Aaron Spelling

    You would assume that somewhere in that $150 million dollar house of the Spelling’s that there would be a library, and you’d be right. Fitting in with the rest of the home, the library is over the top — though still charming — with wood paneling, leather-bound books, and a built-in bar.

  17. Rod Stewart

    If traditional decor, replete with leather-bound books and Victorian paintings, is your thing, then you won’t be able to get enough of Rod Stewart’s library. While located in his Beverly Hills home, the space is decidedly that of a stately English estate. It comes peppered with artwork and Italian and French furniture — and of course loads of books, including those of poets Keats and Tennyson, some of the singer’s favorites.

  18. Brooke Astor

    She may not be a household name today, but this socialite and philanthropist was quite well-known in her day. The library in her Park Avenue apartment, designed by Albert Hadley, is an interior design legend. It features numerous red-lacquered shelves that hold volume after volume of classic lit — many of them first editions and rare collectibles.

  19. Jimmy Page

    Who says libraries have to hold books? Jimmy Page has an amazing collection of LPs and CDs that would make any music lover insanely jealous. Filling shelf after shelf, avid listeners would be sure to find an album or two that would strike their fancy among this impressive collection.

  20. William Randolph Hearst

    The library to dwarf all other libraries on this list, this epic room may as well be a public collection — it’s certainly big enough. It is the kind of place bibliophile dreams are made of, with intricately carved gothic arches and amazing decor that is rich and sumptuous enough to make anyone, even those who don’t like to read, swoon. If that room isn’t enough, Hearst’s castle also boasts another private library, which is just as fancy and just as loaded with books.

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  1. My favourite library so far is Italo Calvino’s a combined wintergarden-gallery with lots of light coming in from the garden.

    • Jeg er så glad i Italo Calvino. Invisible Cities er helt nydelig, og har også lest tre-fire andre av bøkene hans! Skulle gjerne sett det biblioteket.

  2. Wow, så mye lekkert! Det er jo helt umulig å plukke ut en favoritt 😉

    • Det syns jeg også! 🙂 Har en flott bok om hjemmene til store forfattere, inkludert Karen Blixen, og den er helt fantastisk å se i.

  3. Er det mulig at bøkene blir lest også? Når det står rekker på rekker av innbudne bøker fra samme serie, blir disse lest? men det er jo fantastisk at så mange volumer blir samlet og tatt vare på. Og selv om bare 1% blir åpnet er det jo enestående. Flott at det er kulturelt viktig for disse «kjendiser» å ha så storflotte biblioteker. Jimmy Stewarts er mitt favoritt. Mens Lagerfelds ser jo ut som er lagerrom, ingen ro å finne der.

    • !!! Du kan så si! 🙂 Undres hvor mange av disse bøkene blir lest. Men fint at det oppleves som viktig i livene deres, og som du påpeker, at noen samler så mange volumer og passer godt på dem!

  4. Nå ble jeg nesten lei meg for at vi unngikk Hearst Castle i sommer. Bibliotek er det som er høyest på ønskelista mi!

    • Kanskje det kommer en ny sjanse en gang? Jeg også fikk veldig lyst å besøke det. Så du linket ovenfor til hans private bibliotek også? Helt utrolig 🙂

  5. Fin sak! Keith R og Nigella var kanskje mest sjarmerende.

    Et utfordring med bokhyllene/biblioteket til de fleste av oss, rich&famous eller ikke, er den begrensede plassen SAMT behovet for system. Noen ganger har man jo lyst å finne en bok igjen. Hva gjør Karl Lagerfeld da, mon tro?

    • Enig med deg der, Lisa. Man vil jo gjerne finne bøkene sine igjen!! Når min far er på besøk pleier han å sortere og organisere i mine bokhyller i ro og fred, setter diktbøker for seg osv. Det er jo en lun og koselig ting å sysle med! Nå er det kaos i bøkene mine, men heldigvis kommer min far til jul 🙂

  6. Uuuuuuh, legg merke til at kanten på Oprahs sofa matcher rekkene av bøker… Fiffig 😉

    • Har du sett!!! Det var en ny måte å velge bøker på — matche sofaens pyntekant!!!! 🙂

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